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Bruce Bise, David Freed, John Van Deurzen, Andy Cauthen

Multi-level marketing opportunity offering free price comparison software
My Net Universe Inc

My Shopping Genie Review extract from:
Issue No. 43

This is one of a few examples of Business Opportunity Watch Reviews which are freely available for everyone to read on the public section of the website. The reason for making a small sample of the reviews freely available is to help you to decide if you want to join, and also to communicate some matters of general interest arising in the case of some of the reviews. All the other reviews are available only to members.

A zero score or a low score means that in our opinion the business model or the investment model has flaws and/or that we have found inadequate evidence to back up claims about earnings, sales, profits etc. It doesn't mean this evidence does not exist and it doesn't mean that the opportunity is
a scam and it doesn't mean that the promoters are unprofessional or dishonest. Questions arising are normally contained within the body of the review, and readers who are interested should contact the company with these questions and/or questions of their own.

MyNet Universe Inc.
12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive Suite 300
Creve Coeur
MO 63141
Tel: 314-720-7000

- Extract from sales copy
- Review
- Your feedback

Extract from sales copy:

MyShoppingGenie enables the average person to take advantage of major trends in our economy. The first is the fact that saving money has become very hip. Some people are even saying that saving money is the new green.

MyShoppingGenie is right at the center of this because when you use the Genie, you can save money on the things you need. How does this work? Whenever you look to buy something online using any major search engine like Google or Yahoo, the Genie appears; and just like magic, it cuts through the clutter to find you the best deals on virtually anything you're looking for.

Why is the Genie so important? The Internet has the appearance of offering unlimited choices, but nothing is further from the truth. The major search engines charge online retailers' or sellers' fees to appear near the top of their search results. This means that much of what you see when searching for something you need is not necessarily the best deal for you but, rather, what benefits the major search engine. The Genie is different because it puts you, the customer, first by enabling you to better manage your search results so that you can find a better buy.

Secondly, you can also make money online with MyShoppingGenie because when someone uses the free Genie that you gave them and buys something from one of the hundreds of top online retailers, these companies then share their Affiliate commissions with you; and you make money.

MyNet Universe is making MyShoppingGenie available to give the consumer unlimited choices in the marketplace. The Genie breaks the limitations of shopping at one store or the confines of an online buying club. The Genie breaks the limitations created by the major search engines controlling what we see in our search results, thus giving us more choices. Finally, the Genie can be your online business that can create the wealth you need for the life you want so that you can change the world in any way you choose.


My Net Universe, run by David Freed, Bruce Bise, John Van Deurzen, Andy Cauthen, offers free price comparison software called My Shopping Genie which you download to your computer. Like the company's website, My Shopping Genie has a rather clunky look, but it works through whatever search engine you wish to use (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL). You simply enter whatever item you want to buy and My Shopping Genie searches the Internet to find the best price.

According to feedback from users, the My Shopping Genie price comparison software works well.

If you just want to use My Shopping Genie to find the lowest prices, then it's free. However, My Shopping Genie also offers a multi-level marketing business opportunity. It costs $199 (£130) to join, for which you receive a licence to distribute the price comparison software, and thereafter there is a monthly fee of $29.99 (£20).

My Shopping Genie presents a dizzying picture of making money, by the following means:

  1. When you give away the free software to friends, customers, prospects etc you can earn commissions from Pay Per Click "PPC" (along with Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Offer) when people using the My Shopping Genie software click on offers.

    According to My Shopping Genie, people joining My Shopping Genie can earn an average of $3 (approx £2) for each piece of the My Shopping Genie software they give away.

    It appears that there is no method of directly attributing to each distributor the PPC income generated by their downline. Instead, all this income is collected by a partner company of MyNet Universe Inc, and 50% of this income is then distributed to My Shopping Genie distributors, presumably on the basis of how many pieces of the software they have given away.

  2. When people to whom you've given away the free My Shopping Genie software make an actual purchase from Amazon or Clickbank, you receive 100% of the PPC income directly.

  3. Once you have recruited two other people into My Shopping Genie, you receive a bonus of an extra 20% on the PPC commission which is earned by people you've recruited into the business.

  4. You receive a payment of $100 every time you recruit two people into the My Shopping Genie business.

  5. As soon as you have recruited two other people, you can enter the My Shopping Genie Dual Team Pay structure and earn commission on the $199 fees (i.e. the licence fee of $199 which people have to pay to enter the My Shopping Genie mlm scheme) paid by people who are recruited by the people you recruited. People who pay the $199 fee to enter the My Shopping Genie scheme are placed underneath you in a two-legged (or "binary") downline structure.

  6. If you have personally recruited at least four active distributors into My Shopping Genie, and you have a downline of 12 active distributors, then you become a Power Distributor, which means that you can earn up to $3,000 per week on recruitment fees in your downline.

  7. Higher levels in the My Shopping Genie hierarchy - Power Distributor Builder, Gold Power Distributor, Global Power Distributor etc - receive higher commissions.

Unfortunately, My Shopping Genie is illegal in the UK because it doesn't comply with the UK's Trading Scheme Regulations.

These regulations were introduced because some consumers were getting carried away with dreams of how much money they could earn if they joined a scheme and they later regretted the money they had spent on joining it. So the regulations impose the requirement for the scheme to carry the following statutory warning:

"It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting other people to join a trading scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings can be easily achieved."

My Shopping Genie does not carry this statutory warning, and also it does not comply with other consumer protection requirements of the Trading Scheme Regulations, such as a 14-day cooling off period and a 90-day right to a refund.

Probably the most serious illegal characteristic of My Shopping Genie, however, is the fact that the scheme does clearly promise benefits from getting other people to join, since a major component of the money which people in the scheme earn is the $100 they receive for each two people they recruit.

It's a criminal offence in the UK to promote a scheme which does not comply with the Trading Schemes Regulations.

To my surprise, according to Alexa, My Shopping Genie's top country traffic rank is the UK. Its ranking in the UK is 1,094 compared to its USA ranking of 6,376. Sadly, therefore, it seems that many people in the UK have joined this illegal scheme.

Putting aside the fact that My Shopping Genie is illegal in the UK, let's look now at whether it has a reliable business model, whether it's likely to last long enough to make it worthwhile putting your money, effort and reputation into it, and let's also look at the track records of the founders ...

I don't think that My Shopping Genie is designed to last, because it's own income and that of its distributors is largely dependent on the one-off initial recruitment fees. So the only way forward is to unceasingly recruit. Because most of the money (66% according to My Shopping Genie) comes from recruitment fees, when the supply of recruits starts to dry up the company will fail. People in My Shopping Genie will find that their income drops considerably and so they will start to look elsewhere.

This position is worsened because there isn't any direct way that you can increase your PPC income by encouraging your team to click more, because all the PPC income goes into a general pool which is shared out between all distributors.

And the PPC income is tiny compared to the income from recruitment fees.

In September 2010, according to a programme about My Shopping Genie on Irish television (see below), the company said that they had recruited 40,000 distributors and had given away around 1.6 million pieces of My Shopping Genie software. So, on average, each distributor has given away 40 pieces of free software. Each distributor in My Shopping Genie receives around $3 (£2) PPC income a month. So, if you have to give away 40 pieces of software to earn £2 a month, then to receive a monthly income of £400 you - and all of the other distributors, because of the pooling arrangements for the PPC income - would each have to give away 8,000 pieces of software to achieve this from PPC income. That appears impossible.

Contrast the My Shopping Genie model with the standard, legal model of network marketing companies in the UK, where the company does not give its distributors any of the start-up fees of new distributors they recruit, but only gives them commission on the sales of these distributors. That's a durable model because it's based on ongoing sales, instead of one-off initial recruitment fees.

Normally, companies which are in it for the long haul will take out a trademark on their brand and a patent on their software. My Shopping Genie has done neither.

Let's turn now to the people running My Shopping Genie.

John Van Deurzen

John Van Deurzen, who has been on a road tour around the UK promoting My Shopping Genie in Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland, is one of the founders of My Shopping Genie. John Van Deurzen was previously the top Canadian money earner with SkyBiz, reputedly earning over $1,000,000 a year.

Over ten years ago, in the October 1999 issue of The BOARD magazine, the hard copy predecessor of the Business Opportunity Watch website, I described SkyBiz as dubious and predicted that "this ship won't reach port".

SkyBiz charged people $125 to buy a website and enter their mlm scheme. The company's marketing material concentrated on the huge sums of money that could be paid by recruiting other people into the scheme, and urged participants to buy more than one website to maximise their earnings potential.

The Federal Trade Commission in the US filed a suit in the US District Court in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where SkyBiz was based, charging that the company and its principals were promoting a pyramid scheme with claims of quick riches The case was due to go to trial on 6th January 6 2003, but at the eleventh hour an agreement was reached to end the litigation. The settlement involved the company paying £20 million for consumer redress and barring all the defendants from participating in pyramid schemes or misrepresenting the amount of sales, income, profits or rewards of any future business venture. The Federal Trade Commission said that evidence showed that over 96% of SkyBiz recruits lost money.

John Van Deurzen left SkyBiz in July 2000 to join another mlm company called Evision Link, run by a company called New Vision International, apparently because a lot of the people in his SkyBiz team were leaving to join Evision Link because it offered higher earnings. Like SkyBiz, Evision sold websites on which it offered commission through a multi-level marketing structure. Sadly, Evision Link closed its doors in May 2002, stating that they would not be accepting any new sign-ups or paying any more commission, but undertaking to continue to host the existing websites through to their renewal dates.

After that, John Van Deurzen moved on to a new mlm company called 1cellnet. 1cellnet charged people $199 to join their MLM scheme, selling services which promised to reduce the cost of international calls by 70%. Unfortunately, this company did not fare very well either, with proceedings initiated against it by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in August 2004 for alleged breaches of the pyramid selling scheme provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974. On 17 November 2005 the Federal Court in Perth declared that the company operated a pyramid selling scheme in contravention of the Trade Practices act, having earlier issued the company with injunctions to stop participating in the scheme.

Bruce Bise

Bruce Bise, who holds the position of Master Distributor with My Shopping Genie, has a chequered history, since he was jailed for 7 years in Arizona for felony forgery and fraudulent schemes artifice.

Bruce Bise then became involved in a string of multi level marketing schemes, including:

  • Celebrity Galleries International Inc, which sold reproductions of celebrity photographs printed with an ink-jet or giclee system. This company was set up in May 2005 and disappeared at the end of 2007.

  • Get Moving Today, where Bruce Bise was president and CEO. Get Moving Today, which sold web portals, auto responders, pain pills and the "fridge diet", was set up in 2002 and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September 2003, leaving its distributors high and dry. Bruce Bise said that bad checks and auto-drafts caused the crunch.

David Freed

David Freed, CEO of My Shopping Genie was also National Marketing Director for Get Moving Today.

Andy Cauthen

Andy Cauthen, president of My Net Universe Inc which owns My Shopping Genie, was previously involved with a US mlm business called YTB Your Travel Business International.

In August 2008 a civil action was filed by the Attorney General of California in the Superior Court of California against YTB Your Travel Business and certain of its officers and founders, including Andrew Cauthen, stating that:

While Defendants purport to be in the business of selling travel, their real business is the operation of a pyramid scheme that relies on the sale of essentially worthless websites they refer to as "online travel agencies". For the opportunity to own and operate an online travel agency, consumers pay Defendants over $1,000 per year. To entice consumers to participate in their scheme, Defendants make untrue or misleading claims that consumer can become millionaires and receive special travel discounts offered only to professional travel agents. However, in 2007, consumers paid over $103 million to Defendants for websites, but made only $13 million in travel commissions in a business Defendants advertised as the "easiest way to make money" and earn "serious income" without any selling.

On May 14 2009 the Attorney General of California issued a Press Release stating that the defendants had agreed to a "Stipulation For Entry of Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction" in the Superior Court of California. This agreement prohibited YTB Your Travel Business, Andy Cauthen and the other defendants from false and misleading marketing and they had to give consumers information about how difficult it was to make money through YTB Your Travel Business, and the company was prohibited from charging consumers money in order to recruit others. YTB Your Travel Business was also ordered to pay $1 million in penalties, costs and restitution to California victims who filed complaints against YTB.

Moving back to My Shopping Genie and recent times, the company has been causing controversy in the Republic of Ireland, where it launched with presentations at various hotels in August 2010. Rory Egan, a journalist with the Sunday Independent newspaper, attended a presentation, had his doubts and joined My Shopping Genie to find out more about how it worked. He subsequently appeared in an exposure of My Shopping Genie on RTE television's Prime Time programme in Ireland and published his findings in the Sunday edition of the Irish Independent newspaper on 26th September 2010.

Here's the link to the Sunday Independent article about My Shopping Genie:

The law on multi-level marketing schemes in Ireland differs from the law in the UK, since Irish law prohibits an emphasis on recruiting. It appears that Ireland's consumer protection agency the National Consumer Agency is looking at whether My Shopping Genie conforms with this law.

Overall, and putting to one side the fact that My Shopping Genie is illegal in the UK, would you be likely to make money with it if you joined?

The answer is that you probably wouldn't, because My Shopping Genie has already sparked controversy in Ireland, and history shows that once officialdom starts showing an interest in a controversial scheme then its days are usually numbered. Whether officialdom takes any action or not, people become unsure about joining the scheme - and that is the death blow to a scheme like My Shopping Genie whose existence depends on unceasing recruitment. Schemes like My Shopping Genie are inherently unstable - which is why they were made illegal in the first place.

If My Shopping Genie were to collapse, then most people in it would lose money, because by definition the lowest levels of the structure - where people have not been in long enough to recoup their investment - always have a lot more people in them than the narrow top levels. On my calculations, on the assumption that each person in My Shopping Genie recruits two other people, that means that 6/7 or 85% of the people in the scheme would lose out.

Overall, I rate My Shopping Genie at zero out of ten.

I sent a copy of this review to My Shopping Genie, inviting their comments, but had no reply.



BOW Notice: A critical review which raises hard-hitting questions means that in our opinion the business model or the investment model has flaws and/or we have found inadequate evidence to back up claims about earnings, sales, profits etc. It doesn't mean this evidence does not exist and it doesn't mean that the promoters are unprofessional or dishonest. Questions arising are normally contained within the body of the review, and readers who are interested should contact the company with these questions and/or questions of their own.

Your feedback:

Have you tried this opportunity?

If you would like to comment on it please send us an email. Your feedback will then be posted here anonymously unless you tell us that you want your contact details included.

Feedback on My Shopping Genie from Heather 29th November 2010:

Hi Marian,

I joined My Shopping Genie in June.

There are some errors in your review:

1) You have said that MSG pays to recruit distributors. MSG does not pay anyone to recruit distributors. There is a commission paid for every licence sale that is made; the licence being the product which allows distributors to freely distribute unlimited copies of their own brandable "Genie"

2) You say there is no patent on the Genie software. My understanding is that there have been six patents applied for and, as the genie software has evolved so rapidly, the patent applications have become redundant in their current format and an "upgrade" has been allowed by the patents office.

3) The Irish situation has been subject to legal action

Kind regards

BOW reply to Heather:

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your email.

What you say are errors in my review of My Shopping Genie are not in fact errors.

To answer your three points:

  1. My Shopping Genie does pay its distributors for recruiting new distributors. The fact that this payment is structured as the fee for a licence to distribute free copies of the software does not alter this fact. Obviously, if it were this easy to get around the law then everyone would be doing it. So the law is widely drawn to catch any arrangements which have the effect of rewarding participants in the scheme simply for the act of recruiting other people.

  2. My statement that there is no patent on the My Shopping Genie software is correct.

    Of course, to obtain a patent, the invention must be new and non-obvious i.e it must "show an inventive step which could not be deduced by a person with average knowledge of the technical field", according to WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

    From what you say, it would seem that a number of the developments that My Shopping Genie has made so far to its software have each involved such "inventive steps", and you imply that this is why they have had to abandon the patent applications they have previously made.

    Whllst possible, this would be an unusual scenario. Normally, a company would launch a patent application for the original invention and follow this through, adding subsequent, separate applications for developments to the software if these fulfilled the criteria of being themselves innovative and non-obvious.

    Otherwise, a company could clearly end up with a series of "patent pending" applications and no patent, which appears to be the position in which My Shopping Genie currently finds itself.

  3. Whatever legal action you say has been taken by My Shopping Genie in Ireland would seem to have failed, at least so far, since the Prime Time emission is still online, as is the Sunday Independent article. Normally, if a complainant in a defamation suit has a good case, then the first thing that happens is that the offending material is removed from publication - either voluntarily or, sometimes, in response to an injunction.

As you are a member of My Shopping Genie, I expect that my review and this email are very disappointing for you. Nevertheless, I hope you find the information helpful.

Best regards

Feedback on My Shopping Genie from Diligent 23 May 2011:

Hi Marian,

Anders Berglund legal opinion of My Shopping Genie

Having read your concise review of My Shopping Genie I have asked a distributor to respond and they have sent me the attached. You may have already seen this as your original report was posted last year.

Just to confirm, I am not a distributor, lawyer nor am I connected in any way with MSG although I am currently doing some due diligence on this and TFT which are being pushed by some very credible people.

If you can let me know your response via this email I would be grateful.

Kind regards,

BOW reply to Diligent:

Obviously, as stated in my review, the question of the legality of My Shopping Genie in the UK is only one of the concerns I had about it.

I am perplexed at the opinion you sent to me, written by Anders Berglund, who is a lawyer. He is also the Treasurer of the European
Direct Selling Association (which has recently changed its name to SELDIA with a website at ) and Vice Chairman of the
Swedish national trade association of direct selling companies Direkthandelns Forening, with a website at

According to the document you sent to me (available on the internet at Anders Berglund was hired by My Shopping Genie in 2010 to give his legal opinion and recommendations.

I've now contacted Anders Berglund to tell him that it seems to me that his opinion is incorrect and misleading.

I sent him the following letter:

Dear Mr. Berglund,

I publish an online magazine at which researches and reviews all kinds of home business opportunities, franchises, gambling, financial trading and other earnings and investment opportunities.

I have published a critical review of My Shopping Genie at:

I recently received an enquiry from someone thinking of joining My Shopping Genie. He had read my review, and when he asked his distributor to respond, the distributor sent him your legal opinion, which you were apparently hired to give by My Shopping Genie in 2010.

Your legal opinion is shown on various places on the Internet, such as at this link:

I am totally perplexed at this opinion, which I believe is incorrect and misleading.

You say that your "opinion is based on existing EU regulations (unfair Commercial Practices Directive)" and some "paragraphs of the European Codes of Conduct" which you quote and you conclude that "the Universal Compensation Plan [of My Shopping Genie] adheres to all requirements of these paragraphs and is thus lawful and ethical and is suitable for application on the European Market".

But, surely, so far as the law is concerned, there is no such thing as the European Market? Instead, each European country has its own national laws, and those which are in the European Union implement European Directives. Sometimes, European Directives will involve the repeal of existing national legislation. Quite often, however, European Directives simply result in a new tier of law and the existing national legislation remains in place.

I don't see how you can possibly say simply on the basis of compliance with the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive that My Shopping Genie is lawful on a Europe-wide basis. Instead, you would need to look at the law in force in each European country (i.e. their national laws together with the way that the country had implemented European Directives) in order to determine whether My Shopping Genie was legal in any particular country.

Some countries such as the UK, Spain and Ireland, have specific laws dealing with multi-level marketing companies. These laws have not been repealed following implementation of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, and therefore you would need to look at these laws in order to determine whether My Shopping Genie was lawful in these countries.

My Shopping Genie is illegal in the UK, for the reasons stated in my review.

Other European countries have general domestic laws (e.g. covering trade practices, competition, marketing practices) which would likewise need to be examined to determine whether My Shopping Genie was legal.

In addition, of course, there is the fact that some European countries are not in the European Union, such as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. So it also seems to me that your opinion is misleading in impliedly saying that My Shopping Genie is legal in these countries because of compliance with the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.

So far as I can make out, My Shopping Genie operates from its headquarters in Missouri, USA, and recruits people all over the world, leaving its recruits to deal with any legal compliance problems in their own countries. Is this right? If so, do you think it is far?

In my view, to treat its overseas distributors fairly, My Shopping Genie should consult with local specialist lawyers in each country where it wants to recruit distributors to ensure that My Shopping Genie complies with the country's legislation. Only then should My Shopping Genie accept recruits from that country.

What do you think?

On a related point, your opinion that the My Shopping Genie Universal Compensation Plan is "lawful and ethical" is also based on its compliance with "the European Codes of Conduct".

Unfortunately, your opinion does not state where these Codes of Conduct come from. However, after researching this, it seems that these are the Codes of Conduct of the European Direct Selling Association, which is a trade body for direct selling companies. Its members comprise the direct selling trade associations of 27 member countries, and 13 direct selling companies.

Oddly, My Shopping Genie is not a member of the European Direct Selling Association. It does not even appear to be a member of the Direct Selling Association of its home country, the USA.

In giving this opinion, is it correct that you are acting in a personal capacity and not as a representative of either the European Direct Selling Association (now called SELDIA), where I understand you hold the office of Treasurer, nor the Swedish Direct Selling Association Direkthandelns Forening, where I understand that you are Vice Chairman?

Of course, it may be the case that My Shopping Genie has published your opinion out of context, due to some mistake, and that is why it is so misleading.

As you will appreciate, I am concerned to clarify this matter, because it seems to me that there is a risk that people thinking of joining My Shopping Genie will mistakenly take your opinion as a legal green light that My Shopping Genie is legal in all European countries.

I would therefore be very grateful if you would respond to my enquiries.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Marian Owen
Editor of Business Opportunity Watch

So far we have not received any reply from Anders Berglund. However, if and when Anders Berglund does reply, his reply will be posted here.

Feedback on MyShopping Genie from Luke 10th July 2011:


i was very interested in your review of my shopping genie and i have signed up as a distributor.

I have to say i have not been able to make a single penny from this so called good business opportunity and have found the payment structure almost impossible to understand with various levels and legs etc.

I have had 57 members in what is called a left leg with one member under me and even with all these people i have still no earnings.

I have asked them to explain why i am not earning commisions but they have not been able to explain it just saying i need to promote it more and get more people in my team. However i have been promoting it in lots of ways for example my own blog twitter and facebook accounts with no success

After reading your review i am now extremely concerned and have stopped my monthly payment as it seems i have been scammed by it and although i have been promoting it hard it seems most other people are sensible in avoiding it and i feel really stupid.

Thank you for alerting me even though at this moment in time i have lost hundreds of pounds in monthly subscriptions and a large membership fee

i will wast no more time and money on it and lastly i was wondering if you think as it is probably not ethical or legal in the uk would i have grounds to claim all of my money back and how is best to go about this i am thinking a small claims court. Or maybe put it down to experience and move on. I am angry.

Thanks for your help with this scam


BOW reply to Luke:

Regarding the chance of getting your money back, you would need to ask a lawyer about this. However, since My Shopping Genie does not have an office in the UK, and probably has no assets in the UK, then my opinion (as a non-lawyer) is that even if you won a small claims court case, you could find it difficult to enforce it to get your money back.



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Clicksell Ltd
Issue 4
Cleeve, Stephen
Issue 5
Claims Warehouse review
Issue 23
CMS Publications
Issue 1
CNN & MSNBC Scam Emails
Issue 18
Cohen, Guy
Issue 13
Issue 1
Commercial Land
Issue 5
Community View franchise review Issue 24
Complete Copywriters Course
review Issue 33
Complete Information Publishing Package
Issue 8
Concept FX
review Issue 30
Connaught Asset Management Ltd
Issue 8
Issue 7
ContactThem review Issue 24
Issue 11
Cost Reduction Services EasyEarn franchise review Issue 39
Cotterill, Keith
Issue 11
Coulson, Simon
Issue 1
CPA Workshop David Anderson
review Issue 37
Cracking The Code Home Study Course review Issue 30
Creative Finance scam Issue 19
CRS Employment
Issue 1
Custom Lifestyle Rewards
Issue 2

Darrall, Christopher Stafford
Issue 4
Data Entry Business
Issue 10
Data Entry Made Easy review Issue 11
DataEntryMadeEasy Issue 11
Daud, Nazir
Issue 9
Davey, Colin
Issue 1
David Lisonbee
Issue 16
Davies, Bernard
Issue 5
Debt Advisor Training Course
Issue 3
Delta Data Services Issue 1
Digital Direct
Issue 9
Digital Information Page System
Issue 10
Digital Net Pilot
Issue 10
Digital Unite review Issue 21
Direct Gold scam Issue 24
DIY Framing review Issue 22

DocIndustry scam Issue - 19

Don't Tell The Professionals review Issue 11
Doug Savage
Issue 26
Douglas Bates
Issue 26
Doughty, John Francis
Issue 1
Dow Decoded
review Issue 3, 1
Dowdes, A. C
Issue 1
Dressing Gown Millionaire
Issue 11
Drive 4 Money
Issue 1
Duncan Bannatyne
Issue 10
Duncan, John
Issue 1
DVD and Web Address Ad Business Kit
review Issue 3

Easy Acu-Slim
review Issue 9
Easy Way to Make Money Online
Issue 8
eBay Confidential Issue 3, 1
eBay Powerseller Secrets course review Issue 44
Ecolife scam Issue 21
ei42 review Issue 24
Elevation Holdings PTY Issue 9
Email Processors review Issue 36
Issue 9
Encore Products Inc
Issue 1
Energy Conservation Group
Issue 9
English Land Partnerships
Issue 5
Entrepreneurs Bootcamp DVD
Issue 4
Entrepreneurs Mentoring and Training Association
Issue 9
Envelope Stuffing scam
Issue 22
Issue 1
Equitrack VSR
Issue 1
Escape The Matrix
review Issue 8
Issue 1
Etania Ltd
Issue 4
ETOO Marketing and Consulting SL
Issue 8
eTrends Black Box System
Issue 4, 3
Europe VIP Casino
Issue 7
European Home Retail
Issue 3
European Land Sales Partnership
Issue 5
European Timeshare Owners Organisation
Issue 8
Europe North scam Issue 16
Evans, Robert
Issue 8
Evoy, Ken
Issue 9
Expressive Marketing Ltd
Issue 5
EZ Trade System review Issue 11
EZtradesystem review
Issue 11

Factor 4 Issue 1
Family Grapevine
Issue 10, 2
Faridani, Andrew
Issue 4
Issue 5
Fast Track UK
Issue 5
Fast Track Publications LLP
Issue 13
Fawcett, Shaun
Issue 13
Issue 1
Fielding, Gill Issue 43, 21
FFI Europe
Issue 1
Fidelity Alliance scam Issue 21
Fielding Financial Robot review Issue 43
Findel plc
Issue 3
First Class Incentives
Issue 2, 1
First Rate Systems
Issue 1
Fisher, Naomi
Issue 5
Fitzpatrick, Robert
Issue 4
Flag Trader review Issue 34
FlashPark review Issue 27
Fleet Street Publications
Issue 13, 8, 7, 3
Flower Land Int. Inc. email scam
Issue 17
FM Group review Issue 8
Foolproof Forex Issue 3
Football Cash Generator
Issue 1
Fordale Enterprises
Issue 2
Foreman, Simon Issue 2
Forex Decoded Issue 1
Forever Living Products
review Issue 42
Forex Net Trap System review Issue 35
Forex Training Works
Issue 10
Forex Ultimate System review Bob Iacccino
Issue 44
ForsLean Issue 11
Foster, Kevin
Issue 1
Foxcroft, Gary
Issue 24, 13, 6
Franchise Select UK
Issue 9
Freed, David
Issue 43
Freedom International
Issue 4
Freedomland Web TV
Issue 2
FS (UK) Group
Issue 9
FTS Financial Training Services
Issue 1
FTS Publishing
Issue 1
Future Business Associates review Issue 45
FX Money Map System Issue 11

G - O

Gateway Direct Issue 8
Get Paid 4 Surveys review Issue 26
Gibson, Richard Mark
Issue 8
Gillman, Andrew
Issue 4
GKM Publishing
Issue 7
Global Abundance review Issue 4
Global ATM Cybermall
Issue 2
Global Finance Group scam Issue 14
Global Online Systems Inc
Issue 1
Global Pension Plan
Issue 8
Goodman, Freddie
Issue 11
Good Partners Mailing and Typing review Issue 40
Goehler, Oliver
Issue 1
Goldline Trading System Issue 1
Goldsmith, Stuart
Issue 7
Goodman, Freddie
Issue 8
Graham, Stephen
Issue 9

Grant-Parkes, Charles Issue 4
Grant-Parkes, James -
Issue 4
Guaranteed Roulette 100 System
Issue 8
Guerrilla Stock Trading System
Issue 1

Hallmark Domestic Cleaning Agency
Issue 5
Handyman review Issue 3
Hanrahan, Mike Issue 11
Hare, Mark Issue 16
Harniman, Mark
Issue 11, 1
Harper, Avril Issue 9, 3, 1
Harrison, John Issue 11
Hathaway, Neal Issue 4
HaveAQuickie Issue 10
Hay, Fraser Issue 1
HBP Marketing Ltd
Issue 10, 3
Hein, Michael
Issue 1
Helen E Cosmetics review Issue 47
Heptamatic Trading System review Issue 39
Issue 1
High Yield Investment Programs Issue 8
Higgins, Pat
Issue 5
Highmore, Andrew
Issue 11
Hill, Carly
Issue 46
Hill, Richard,
Issue 35
Hill, Simon
Issue 4, 1
Home Business Program review Issue 10, 3
Home Business Choices Issue 1
Homeworking Scam
Issue 18
Horesracing tipster scam
Issue 21
How to Create Internet Wealth From Home
Issue 8
How to Earn A Living From Football Betting Issue 8
How To Easily Trade Your Way To An Income For Life Issue 5
How to Treble Your Income by Working Just Two Hours a Week
Issue 8
Howard, Christopher
Issue 3
Howell, Paul
Issue 1
Howseman, David
Issue 9
Human Sundials
Issue 2
Hunt, Douglas
Issue 2
Hurst, Barry
Issue 1
HYIP scam
Issue 14, 8

Iaccino, Bob Issue 44
IBUK Internet Bookshop UK review Issue 31
scam - 19

Igennex Issue 4
Issue 1
Ignite Leisure
Issue 4
Illuminati Trader
review Issue 13
Import Mentor review Issue 13
Issue 31
Infinity Concierge
Issue 4
Infinity Lifestyles Ltd
Issue 4
InLife review Issue 26
Inside Track
Issue 7, 4, 1
Insider Secrets to Importing
review Issue 13
Instant Access Properties
Issue 7
Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Issue 2
International Galleries Inc
Issue 1
Internet Business For Sale review Issue 40
Internet Deal Broker Issue 1
Internet Marketing Directory
Issue 9
Internet Marketing Review
Issue 3
Internet Resource Company
Issue 9
Investors International
Issue 11
Issue 5
ISACO review Issue 12
IS Trading Issue 1
Isiris Racing Service
Issue 9
Isiris Saturday Service
Issue 9
I W Jamieson & Co review Issue 26

James, Christopher Issue 9, 6
James, Don
Issue 1
Jamie At Home Issue 35
Jamie Oliver
Issue 35
Jane Somner Cash On Demand Andrew Reynolds review Issue 27
Jeff Binder
Issue 29
Jen Fe Patch
Issue 11
Jennifer Johnson Home Job Placement
scam Issue 37
Jennings-Kerr, Mark
Issue 6
Jevtec, Jeff Issue 9
Jevtic, Jeff Issue 9
Jobs For Drivers
Issue 7
Johansson, Simon
Issue 2, 1
Jude, Anita
Issue 5
Julian Patterson review Issue 36

Keith Cotterill
Issue 27
Khan, Rehan
Issue 8
Kimbersland Investments
Issue 5
Issue 5, 3
Knight, Stephen Issue 45, 9, 6
Kommando Newsletter
Issue 1
Kuma Enterprises UK
Issue 1
review Issue 19
Kundi, Sudhir Singh
Issue 8

Labean company scam Issue 18
Laguna Club review Issue 6
Laguna Network
Issue 6
Laight, Nick
Issue 8, 7, 1
Lake, Christopher
Issue 45, 9, 6
Land Heritage UK
Issue 5
Landmark Developments
Issue 5
LandPro review Issue 28
Land Projects UK review Issue 1, 28
Laptop Repair Course
review Issue 22
Laroque, Daniel
Issue 1
Lawrence, Hugo
Issue 7
Lawrence, Derek BTP MRTPI MRICS
Issue 8
Lazy Man's Way to Residual Riches Issue 1
Le Club Francais review Issue 17
Legacy Direct Issue 1
Legal For Landlords franchise review Issue 40
Legal Practices Ltd
Issue 1
Leisure Marketing International Issue 4
LibertyLeague review Issue 26
Liberty Wealth Club review (similar to Ultimate Entrepreneur Club) Issue 28
LibertyWealthClub review Issue 28
Lifetime Enterprises Ltd
Issue 1
Lighterlife review Issue 25
Lin, Dr. Issue 11
Lindgren, Sven
Issue 4
Liniger, David
Issue 6
Linschoten, Rudolf Van, Dr.
Issue 11
Linschoten, Simone Burns
Issue 13, 6
Lisonbee, David Issue 16
LoanCheck Issue 15
Local Debt Advisors Issue 33
Locally Grown Plants review Issue 28
Logicworks Ltd Issue 1
Issue 1
Lopian Wagner
Issue 10
Lowe, Tim
Issue 10, 5, 3
LS Trader review Issue 23
Lunchtime Trader
review Iss 8

Maid2Clean franchise review Issue 11
Mail order scam Issue 12
Issue 1
Majeur Arts scam Issue 19
Making Money From Financial Speculation
Issue 1
Mark, Richard Issue 8
Markiteer Ltd review Issue 3
Massey, Glyn
Issue 1
Matzopoulos, Mike
Issue 4
Maverick Money Makers review Issue 25
McKay, Douglas
Issue 1
Megawealth Academy
Issue 1
Megawealth Corporation
Issue 2
Meridian Art
Issue 1
Miglio Issue 6
Miller, Jenny Issue 6
Millennium Leisure International Issue 4
MindSwitch Issue 1
Mini IQ Issue 4
Monetics Issue 1
Money Club VIP Issue 11
Money Map System Issue 11
MoneyMap Issue 11
Money Switch Issue 1
Moore, Alfred J Issue 1
Moore, James Issue 2, 1
More Money Review Issue 9
MoreNiche review Issue 45
Morris, Matt Issue 13
MovieBooth franchise review Issue 46
MPG Caps
Issue 1
Music With Mummy review Issue 45
My Cash Exchange
Issue 4
My Junk Mail Secret review Issue 26
MyLittleWrapper review Issue 19
My Mag review Issue 4
Issue 1
My Shopping Genie review Issue 43
Mystery shopping scam emails Issue 26

N5 Ltd
Issue 11, 10, 6
National Association of Registered Petsitters
review Issue 20
National Childminding review Issue 24
National Debt Advisors review Issue 25
National Legal Services
Issue 1
Nationwide Legal Services
Issue 1
Neal's Yard Organic review
Issue 36
Needham, Henry
Issue 4
New Dimension PR Service
review Issue 16
Newest Way to Wealth
Issue 1
New Insider Secrets to Online Profits
Issue 1
New Leaf Training
Issue 10
Newman, Peter Kenneth
Issue 4
Newsnight Trader
review Issue 47
Nexagen USA LLC
review Issue 11
Issue 11
Nickols, Aaron
Issue 46, 30
Nickols, Arabella
Issue 46
Nigerian scam
Issue 14
Issue 3
Nuts Poker League Issue 14

O'Brien, Amanda Issue 44
O'Donnell, Karen
Issue 7
Omega Marketing International
Issue 4
OMI Issue 4
One Deal
Issue 1
Online Mentoring Programme
review Issue 36
Online Trading Coach
Issue 10
Opi - um
Issue 1
Issue 1
Options Made Easy
Issue 13
Orca Websites franchise review Issue 23
Orpin, Christian
Issue 1
Overseas job offer scam
Issue 1

P - Z

Pampered Chef review Issue 21
Passive Investments review Issue 7
Passport to Wealth review Issue 27
Pathway Driving Services -
Issue 7
Pattinson Estate Agents
Issue 7
Pattinson, Keith
Issue 7
Pauline Quirke Academy
Issue 10
Pauline May franchise review Issue 31
Payments For Business
Issue 6
PC Trainer
Issue 1
PDS Properties
Issue 1
Issue 7
Issue 4
Perfect Business Package Richard Clarke review Issue 31
Perfect Wealth Formula
Issue 4
Issue 11
Phishing scam emails Issue 22
Phoenix Trading review Issue 20
Phone Co-op
Issue 5
review Pidsystems Issue 3
Piper, John
Issue 8
Issue 1
Plumbrite franchise review issue 22
Polaris Media Group review Issue 26
Portfolio Property
Issue 1
Premium Phone Services Ltd
review Issue 1
Premium Rate Profits
Issue 1
Prime Analysis
Issue 1
Prime Source Products
Issue 3
Priority DVD & Web Address Ad Business Kit
Issue 3
Prize draw scam Issue 15
Prize Verification Services
Issue 8
Pro White Teeth 4U review Issue 45
Product Flipper
Issue 11
Profit Auditing
Issue 1
Property Investment Club
Issue 1
Property Spy
Issue 1
Property Locator
Issue 1
Property Locators' Club
Issue 1
Prosperity Automated System
Issue 4
Prosperity Internattional
Issue 4, 2
Pyramid scam Issue 24

Quickie Products Issue 11
Quinn, Patrick
Issue 7

RAS Partnership Iss 10
Ray, Ogale Erandal
Issue 1
Real Capitalz job offer scam Issue 25
Real Writing Jobs
review Issue 45
Rebate Processor Jobs
Issue 10
Red Hot Penny Shares Newsletter review Issue 42
Redmond, Gary
Issue 10
Refunds Direct
Issue 11
Reilly, Martin
Issue 10
Issue 6
Issue 6
Rewarding Art
Issue 1
Reynolds, Andrew
review Issue 4, 3
Richards, David
Issue 9
Richmond, G
Issue 1
Rickett, Simon
Issue 7
Roberts, Geraldine
Issue 1
Roots Detective review Issue 35
Royal VIP Casino
Issue 7
Rush, Nigel
Issue 16
Ryan, David
Issue 9

Sacco, Domenico Antonio Issue 10
Sacco, Tony
Issue 10
Sameera, Shaikh Kiayani
Issue 1
Saros Research
Issue 3
Savage, Doug
Issue 26
Saudi British Property Investments
Issue 8
Sayers, Jason
Issue 1
Scam acting and model agencies
Issue 40
Scam phishing emails
Issue 22
Scam tax refund emails
Issue 26
Schofield, Paul and Stephen
Issue 12
Scotia Leisure
Issue 4
Secret Source Finder
Issue 32
Seiffer, John
Issue 1
Selecta 7
Issue 1
Select dropshipping
- review of theselect Issue 10
Select Few Football Service
Issue 8
Select Services review tipster scheme Issue 6
Seminar scam Issue 30
Seymour, Alan Issue 1
Sharon Fussell Sold Dispatch Now review Issue 30
Shaw, Andy
Issue 7
Shearman, Andy
Issue 11
Shepherd, Barry
Issue 1
Sherratt, Sharon Yvette
Issue 15
Sheridan Enterprises Group Inc
Issue 1
Sheridan, James / Jim Issue 1
Sheridan, Linda
Issue 1
Shevket, Ibrahim
Issue 1
Sieniuc, Anita Issue 8
Signpost Indicators
Issue 9
Silent Mites review Issue 27
Silver Ingot Program
Issue 2
Simply Losers Issue 9
Singh, Gurdeep Issue 4 Singh, Santokh Issue 4
Site Sell
Issue 9
Site Build It
Issue 9
Skelton, John
Issue 11
Smart3Up review Issue 28
Smart, Melvyn John
Issue 7
Smith, Brian BA (Hons) MRTPI
Issue 8
Smith, Martin Denis
Issue 13
Smith, Stuart
Issue 7
Sold Dispatch Now Gold review Issue 30
Solid Investment HYIP
Issue 2
Somner, Jane
Issue 36
Somner, Malcolm
Issue 36
Soul Mates
Issue 1
Southcourt Lettings Opportunity review Issue 38
Sovereign Group Issue 1
Spencer, Tony
Issue 1
Sports Arbitrage
Issue 1
Issue 1
Stafford, Neil Issue 3
Standing, Jon
Issue 1
Stanzione, Vince
Starlines Canada Cruises job offer scam Issue 16
Stemtech review Issue 28
Sterling UK
Issue 9, 4, 1
Stevenson, Jaclyn Teresa -
Issue 13, 1
Issue 5
STOIC Capital review Issue 24
Strategic Land Investments -
Issue 5
Streetwise Publications -
Issue 11, 7, 4, 3, 1
Stuart, Tommy
Issue 11
Success Learning
Systems Inc
Issue 13
Success University
Issue 13
Sum Assured franchise review Issue 46
Sutherland, Stephen
Issue 5
Sutherland, Paul
Issue 5
Swoop and Scoop
Issue 11, 7

Tarbuck, Gerry Issue 1
Tax Free Cash System
Issue 1
Tax Refund Emails Scam
Issue 31
Taylor Skelton Walters
review Issue 11, 3, 1
Telecom Plus
Issue 5
Telephone Riches
Ten Minute Trader review Issue 37
Tenretni review Issue 25
Tern Consultancy
Issue 5
The Rich Neighbor review Issue 25
The Select Dropshipping
review Issue 10
Thiessen, Harmony
Issue 2
Thome, Alf
Issue 6
Timeshare scam
Issue 19
Tim Lowe review Issue 3
Tofield, Simon
Issue 7
Toilet Seat Covers 4U review Issue 45
Top Star Mailshare
Issue 1
Toptex Textiles Scam
Issue 39
Townfield Land Investments -
Issue 5
Trade and Raid
Issue 11
TraderHouse Global Ltd
Issue 11
Issue 11
TraderHouse UK
feedback Issue 11
Trading Forex The Easy Way
Issue 11
Trading The Easy Way review
Issue 11, 7
Training Downloads
Issue 1
review Trash Express franchise Issue 9
Treasure Trails franchise review Issue 36
Issue 1
Trotter, John Louis
Issue 13
Try This Ltd
Issue 8
Issue 7
TUE Club
Issue 8

UK Capital Investments Group -
Issue 8
Issue 8
UK Driving review Issue 43
UK Land Investment Group UKLI
Issue 8
UK Land Investments International
Issue 8
Issue 8
UK Websaver
Issue 7
Ultimate Entrepreneur Club
(and copycat schemeLiberty Wealth Club at Issue 24,13, review Issue 6
Ultimate FX Predictor review Issue 27
Ultimate Internet Leverage Marketing System
Issue 9
Ultimate Public Domain Profit Plan
Issue 9
Ultimate Wealth Package
Issue 8
United Land Hldg
Issue 5
Unwin, Toby
Issue 1
Usborne Books At Home
review Issue 38
Utility Warehouse
Issue 5

Van Deurzen, John
Issue 43
Vantage Point
Issue 9
Vending Ventures review Issue 45
Vince Stanzione
VIP Club
Issue 4
Viral Success
Issue 1
Vital Beauty Issue 8
Vonateks Electronics
scam Issue 16

Wacky Wagers
Issue 7
Wade World Trade review Issue 34
Wagner, Anthony
Issue 10
Walter, Nigel
Issue 8
Watts, Paul
Issue 1
Wealth Magnet System
Issue 4
Wealthy Affiliate University review Issue 26
review Webcrome Issue 10, 3
Website Marketing Bible
Issue 2
Welch, Martin
Issue 3, 1
Westinghouse, Tim
Issue 6
West Side Fulfillment
Issue 6
What Really Makes Money
Issue 8, 7, 1
Whitney UK
Issue 4
Wikaniko review Issue 27
Williams, Ian
Issue 11, 7
Wills and Trusts UK
Issue 13
Wilson, Howard
Issue 3
Win Investing review Issue 2
Winters, Darren
Issue 2
WMI Wealth Masters International review Issue 28
Wok2Go franchise
Issue 10
Work at home scam Issue18

Working Wonders Ltd
Issue 2
WOW Property
Issue 4
WPA Medical franchise review Issue 8
Wright, Charlie
Issue 8, 7
Writers Bureau review Issue 26
Wyemann, Sid
Issue 10, 8

Yellowtom franchise review Issue 16
Your Gold Party Issue 32
Yokozuna Financial Consultancy scam Issue 12

Xango review Issue 26
Xocai review Issue 17

Zed Zed Productions Ltd
Issue 10

End of review of My Shopping Genie,
David Freed, Bruce Bise, John Van Deurzen, Andy Cauthen

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